How to pitch and get a reply in 3-days.

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WOOSH the email left my laptop, and three days later, they said yes.

The fastest I have ever got a reply from what I call an inbox pitch.

I wasn't in the room performing.

I wrote a cover email.

Attached a PDF.

Clicked send.

And three days later got the green light for a project with the NBA China.

Beijing ➔ Shanghai ➔ New York

New York ➔ Shanghai ➔ Beijing

I had a contact at the NBA, and she knew the pitch was coming.

But she had to receive a risk-free pitch to send it on so quickly.

Why did it work?

There was zero risk in forwarding it around the organisation.

Because it wasn't about me, it was about basketball.

I also kept it simple and focused.

My goal was attention, trust and the next conversation.

The NBA saw themselves and could see I understood them.

A pitch is never about the speaker.

It's about the audience.

When people ask themselves, 'whats in it for me?' you need a clear, emotive reply which didn't take you weeks to write and test.

WIth this course

You will save time.

You will expand your network.

You will make opportunities.

Everything I learnt from that project is now is right here.

How to get a reply in three days.


Step by step in less than an hour.

All the templates.

All the resources.

All you need.

Stop pitching about you - start pitching about them.

Let's go.

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10 chapters each with a video and support document 22 minutes of video 17 resource links 1 x script template 1 x slide template 1 x case study All the tools to make an amazing pitch deck

Short videos
Watch them on x1.5 speed
2 templates
Use the EXACT format I used to get a reply in 3 -days
All the tools
ZERO design skills required
Step by step creative process
Stay on TRACK


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How to pitch and get a reply in 3-days.

3 ratings
I want this!