🎯 Your Next 5-Min Pitch

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“🎯 your next 5-min pitch.”

Pitch Deck Roadmap

UPDATED with step-by-step video breakdown.

A manual of the 20 steps I go through to make a 5-min pitch.

With an executive summary 9-step version.

Aimed at leaders who are good at pitching but want to save time, get better results and have more speaking opportunities.

It’s designed to read in three ways

  1. Scan / read once and fill any gaps
  2. Follow like a cooking recipe
  3. Delegate as an SOP for a team

7 hours of your time over 10 days results in an epic pitch you can use in a ton of moments when you need to connect.

I want this!

54 page manual, detailed 20 steps with breakdown

Detailed 20-steps
Executive Summary 9-steps
Video case studies
Design resources
Progress tracking charts
Script templates
Slide templates
Step by step video breakdown


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🎯 Your Next 5-Min Pitch

1 rating
I want this!